Trisomy is

a genetic abnormality in which there are three copies, instead of the normal two, of a particular chromosome. The most common types of trisomy are:
• Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)
• Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome)
• Trisomy 13 (Patau Syndrome)
• Trisomy 9
• Trisomy 8 (Warkany Syndrome 2)
• Trisomy 22

Artist Statement

I photographed this series of portraits at the SOFT (Support for Families with Trisomy 18, 13 and Related Disorders) conference in Roanoke, Virginia during July 2009. I am trying to raise awareness that while only 10% of these kids survive their first year, the ones that do live a rich life. Expectant parents are often told that Trisomy is incompatible with life and I am trying to share their unique beauty through these digital images. These children and young adults do not pose for photographs but can be captured being themselves, living in the moment. Most are non-verbal so I see it as an honor to help tell their stories visually.


akaiya trisomy 18aleah trisomy 14 angela trisomy 13 aniella trisomy 18 ben trisomy 9 carey ann trisomy 18 david partial trisomy 3 dawson trisomy 18 mosaicdevon trisomy 13 5 translocation dominick trisomy 18 gabby trisomy 13 partial julia trisomy 18 kammie trisomy 18 leilani trisomy 18 liz trisomy 18 mosaic lyndsay trisomy 18 madison trisomy 18 maiya trisomy 9 megan trisomy 18 morghan trisomy 18 nicholas trisomy 13 philina partial trisomy 6 phillip trisomy 9 randi jo trisomy 13 ryan trisomy 18 mosaic saskia trisomy 18 stacy trisomy 18 taylor trisomy 8 mosaic zion trisomy 13